This Peruvian Princess is no newcomer to the porn scene, Alexis Amore has been sucking down cupid’s toothpaste since 1999. In this pic, she is looking H.O.T. and ready for a little club time with her playmates. No panties needed for this party; and this girl means some serious naughty business with her playboy bunny tattoo. When she walks into the room, your head or shall I say heads, will turn. Get ready cause here SHE cums!

I learned something new today about Alexis Amore, did you know that she has her own line of sex toys…granted I am sure that you are wishing it was your dick in her mouth then one of her pink vibes but just imagine if she had her teeth on your head for a little nibble. Cmon boys! This girl is naughty and would love if you gave her a little spanking. Did you happen to see that she has her nips and hot box pierced too. Not too many “good” girls with pierced pussy, damn that’s one girl on the bucket list!

Alexis sure looks like she is enjoying riding her man like a cowgirl in this pic. With her pierced clit hood dangling over his stiffy, this girl know exactly how to rope her man. If you are having a HARD time making out exactly what her tattoo reads, it says “sexy” and that is one thing this sex kitten is. Makes you just wish you were that dude playing hide the salami under her.

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