Granted this is not necessarily a naughty pic of her but you have already seen her with a lot more nudity…reverse imagination with clothes on? Alexis is stunning either way, with long dark hair and a MAN-I-CURED fingers, toes and beaver, it leaves you wanting more Amore! Make a dude wonder though if she is wearing any chonies underneath that short jean skirt? My guess is probably NOT.

Laying flat on her back what this picture should be saying is that she melts in your mouth and not in your hands. With cum off his cock and dripping off her tongue and down her chest this is his favorite view of his leading lady. Who wouldn’t want to cum all over those perfectly rounded tits, fake or not those are pretty damn impressive. I have to say I think this is one of the better pics I have seen of Miss Hot Stuff!

Im pretty sure that is NOT liquid smoke dripping out of her mouth…if I know Alexis that is for sure some dude’s love paste. This cock sucking leading lady cannot get enough, and from the looks of it she may just be doing a little double clicking of her own mouse for some double pleasure for both her and her partner. Chances are she got him off first with the hopes that he is ready for round two, ready or not here I cum!

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Alexis Amore has a tight ass and big tits. This picture is from a video that features her tight ass getting pounded by an older long haired dude from Team Skeet. Great porn from a porn star especially one as cute as Alexis Amore. She rocks our world and this lucky guy gets his world rocked. Put simply this girl rocks. And long haired dude is a rocker so he is all about the rock and roll. One thing we all like best about her is that she loves sex and it shows when stars in pornos.

  • Birth Location: Callao
  • Birthday: December 29, 1978
  • Measurements: 34DD-22-34
  • Height: 5’2″
  • Weight: 99lbs
  • Haircolor: brown
  • Nationality: Peru
  • Ethicity: Hispanic

This Peruvian Princess is no newcomer to the porn scene, Alexis Amore has been sucking down cupid’s toothpaste since 1999. In this pic, she is looking H.O.T. and ready for a little club time with her playmates. No panties needed for this party; and this girl means some serious naughty business with her playboy bunny tattoo. When she walks into the room, your head or shall I say heads, will turn. Get ready cause here SHE cums!

I learned something new today about Alexis Amore, did you know that she has her own line of sex toys…granted I am sure that you are wishing it was your dick in her mouth then one of her pink vibes but just imagine if she had her teeth on your head for a little nibble. Cmon boys! This girl is naughty and would love if you gave her a little spanking. Did you happen to see that she has her nips and hot box pierced too. Not too many “good” girls with pierced pussy, damn that’s one girl on the bucket list!

Alexis sure looks like she is enjoying riding her man like a cowgirl in this pic. With her pierced clit hood dangling over his stiffy, this girl know exactly how to rope her man. If you are having a HARD time making out exactly what her tattoo reads, it says “sexy” and that is one thing this sex kitten is. Makes you just wish you were that dude playing hide the salami under her.

With Black thigh highs and her head thrown back, this woman wants every inch of her leading man inside her wet pussy. According to his face, looks like he is pretty damn close to shooting his load all over her too. I guess with just under 300 videos and countless pics literally under her sexy tattooed belt being a cum dumpster isn’t really anything new.

Okay, i have of heard of getting Hot Boxed but this is for sure a different definition….granted I realize she is only 5’2 but this girl for sure has a HOT BOX! Alexis is from Peru; and most latinas are LOVERS and would do anything to please their partner. I would almost guarantee that she is just as passionate for pussy as she is for a stiff dick, and I heard through the grapevine this is one gal who isnt afraid of a little BDSM action, you game?

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